Our Team

Lucy Licciardello Creative Director and Owner
The multi award winning Stylist and Creative Director of Lovely Locks is passionate in creating effortlessly chic style that instills confidence through beautiful and healthy hair.  Lucy lives and breathes the hairdressing industry, and works on many creative projects.  She is currently expanding her range of  “Lovely Locks” organic hair products available exclusively to the Salon.


Leah Dyson Principal Stylist
Leah has over 16 years experience in the industry.  Leah loves each and every aspect of hairdressing and her natural creative flair is reflected in her premier colouring techniques.  Leah is a breath of fresh air and will have you counting the days till your next appointment.


Casey Baird  Senior Stylist 
Casey is a Senior Stylist over 7 years experience.  Casey goes above and beyond to make that personal connection with her clients, ensuring their salon experience is above expectation.   Casey’s passion for the industry is reflected in her expertise across all aspects of the salon.


Mikala Shultz  Senior Stylist
Mikala is a Senior Stylist with over 7 years experience.  Mikala will make you feel inspired from your first appointment with her passion for beautiful and stylish hair.  She boasts an impressive portfolio which is signature to her keen sense of style.


Karlee BarwickSenior Stylist
Karlee is has over 3 years industry experience and recently completed her apprenticeship at Lovely Locks.  Karlee has a passion for colour, in particular the art of the creating the perfect blonde!  We expect to see great things on Karlee’s horizion.


Rebecca Walsh  Senior Stylist
In February this year we welcomed Beck to the Lovely Locks team bringing with her 20 + years industry experience.  Beck specialises in colouring, balayage and crafting effortless style into each perfectly executed cut.


Alycia Mountain  Senior Stylist
Alycia has over 7 years industry experience, winning the regional World Skills in Hairdressing Award as well as being a finalist for North Coast Training Awards Apprentice of the year 2015.  Alycia breathes vibrancy into all her work and will make you feel at ease in her experienced hands.

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